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Spring Forward into New Ventures!

We have reset our clocks and are ready for Spring, even in the face of more snow, more cold, and evidence to the contrary that Spring will make an appearance.  There is just too much going on at Soapstones for us to doubt Spring's arrival.  Our Spring scents are mingling nicely with the late Winter offerings of Maple Candles, ScrubaDub Soaps, Maple Mooses (is it Moosae??), and Maple Mania Scrubs.  Our intoxicating Lilac Soap, Lotion and Olive Oil Hand Soap bolster our spirits for the new season and get us moving quickly in anticipation of another stellar season for Soapstones...

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SOAPSTONES 10.0! Our Tenth Year in Huntsville, ON!

54 Main Street East, Huntsville, ON., P1H 2C7; 705-224-SOAP (7627)
The person at the front of the shop, most days, with the idiotic and slightly frightening grin on her face is me! The move is over, we are beyond happy with the new space, and even Buster, our wee pup, has decided we are here to stay and he's on the job greeting all with a small bark and a tale wag. We are not to be confused. I never bark.

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Or: How to move your business and annoy your loved ones. 

Well, on Saturday, January 26th when all the brass monkeys had the good sense to stay indoors and keep warm, we moved the final big pieces of fixture, furniture and yes, even large rocks, to our new shop on Main Street, in Huntsville.

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Moving Winter Hours

WE ARE MOVING!  Who moves in the middle of winter in Muskoka?!  Crazy women, that's who!  We are still open at our current address, and are slowly making the transfer to the new shop.  We hope to do so without too much of an interruption in business and so far, so good.  We will keep you posted!

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Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve; closing at 4:00 p.m.

Closed Christmas Day & Boxing Day (whew!)

Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Closed Tuesday, New Year's Day.

Back to regular hours in the new year!

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