Natural Bath Salts

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When added to bathwater, bath salts act as a natural skin cleanser. The combination of minerals in the salt helps remove impurities from the surface of your skin like environmental toxins and excess oil, making it soft and smooth.

When soaking in a Dead Sea salt bath, it is important to be sure you are getting enough time to reap all of its wonderful benefits. Most people find that 15-30 minutes is a good amount of time for a soak but some may require longer if they have deeper issues they are trying to address such as joint pain or severe stress.

It is recommended that when using bath salts for relaxation or therapeutic purposes, you do not bathe with them more than 3-4 times per week. If you're just taking a regular hot bath without the addition of any special products, then as long as your skin isn't showing signs of irritation like redness, dryness or itching – you can use them every day if desired.

Start by filling your tub with warm water and adding two to three tablespoons of Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, or Himalayan pink salt. You may also combine these types of salts with essential oils or fragrances for an even more luxurious experience.