Feel Good. Do Good.

Increasingly, informed consumers are seeking quality skincare products that leave a gentle footprint on our planet.  And for good reason.  Our skin is our largest organ and many commercially-made skincare products contain toxic and environmentally harmful ingredients.  Soapstones is different.  We offer an extensive line of luxurious, yet affordable natural skincare products developed and manufactured in Canada from the highest quality vegetable oils, olive oils, cocoa and shea butters, mineral-rich clays and healing essential oils.  Ingredients that are gentle on our waterways, and on our bodies.  We invest the time to source only the best, as we believe your body deserves it. Try our products. We believe that when you do, you will feel good.

And when you do, know you are doing good.  At Soapstones, we are committed to supporting our youth in ways that help build self-esteem, that stop bullying behaviors, that engender confidence, that focus on well-being and that develop their leadership potential. We believe that by working with like-minded partners, we can help to create positive change.  We commit part of our net proceeds from each sale to help support and develop our youth.  Because, let's face it, healthy, engaged youth will create a bright future.  You support this effort each time you purchase our products.  On behalf of youth everywhere, thanks for doing good.