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Welcome to Soapstones, a Canadian-based natural skincare company that cares about you, our environment, and giving back to the communities we serve. Offering our customers a beautifully crafted, natural product was our customer promise 20 years ago; a promise that continues today with each of our luxurious, thoughtfully designed products.
We invite you to explore Soapstones Natural Skincare and try our other natural products we have available. We believe you will appreciate the passion and authenticity that has been designed into each recipe. And know that with each purchase, a portion of the net proceeds are being reinvested back in our communities to develop the leadership potential of our youth. Feel Good. Do Good. That’s what Soapstones is all about.

Feel Good. Do Good.

As consumers become more informed about the products they purchase, the more concerned they are with what they are made of and the impact those products have on the environment. We at Soapstones are dedicated to creating high-quality natural products that not only work great, but that also leave a gentle footprint on our planet. Our natural skincare products at Soapstone are made with ingredients that are gentle on our waterways and our bodies, unlike other companies that use toxic or environmentally-harmful ingredients. You can rest assured that as you browse through our online store, all of the products you come across are made with you and the environment in mind. In addition to using natural ingredients to provide our customers with safe products, we also offer a pre-designed fundraising initiative for schools or youth organizations looking for a program to create opportunities for youth leadership and development. Learn more about our fundraising opportunities today!

About Our Natural Products

As mentioned above, we care about creating products that not only are safe to use on your body, but are also gentle on our environment. In our continuing efforts to help the environment and our animal friends, we do not test our ingredients or our final products on animals. Our palm oil is sustainably sourced from Demerara Gold Brand. We at Soapstones offer an extensive line of luxurious, yet affordable natural skincare products that are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients in Canada, including: Vegetable oils Olive oils Cocoa and shea butters Mineral-rich clays Healing essential oils From natural soaps and the best natural shampoo on the market to face cream for babies and beard care, we at Soapstones have every kind of natural skin care product you could imagine. Browse our online store today to find the natural product you’ve been searching for.

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When you purchase a natural skincare product from Soapstones, you can have peace of mind that you’re not only nourishing your skin with natural ingredients, but you’re also helping to reduce footprints places on our planet. Browse our online store today, and enjoy our high-quality, affordable natural skincare products!