Or:  How to move your business and annoy your loved ones.  

Well, on Saturday, January 26th when all the brass monkeys had the good sense to stay indoors and keep warm, we moved the final big pieces of fixture, furniture and yes, even large rocks, to our new shop on Main Street, in Huntsville.  We are now trying to find our nether regions with both hands and make some sense out of our retail side of things in order that we might open again soon.  Progress is most definitely being made.  I'm keyboarding away with the internet fully operational.  The phone rang for the first time in our new store and it was someone wanting me to take a survey.  So the world still remains in place.  And our amazing staff seem to still be speaking to me.  As is our co-owner and my dear husband, the most patient man on the planet.  We hope to re-open quietly perhaps this weekend.  We shall see what the week brings, but it is possible!  And a grand re-opening party to follow in late March where we can hoist some bubbly to the many people who have made this business thrive and grow.  All of you!

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