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  • Our Arnica Balm is the Bomb!

    May 28, 2014 2 min read


    Occasionally we make something, after a great deal of research and pondering, that even surprises us!  Our Arnica Balm is a case in point.  We made a small tube of headache remedy early in the year, enhanced with Wintergreen, Black Pepper, Peppermint, Marjoram and Sage, all used in aromatherapy to ease pain and tension, and it was so effective and so well received we designed a larger version, one that had a fair dose of Arnica to relieve sore muscles, creaky joints, and tired backs.  We started with our solid lotion base created with Fair Trade Shea Butter, hemp oil, grape seed oil and jojoba and then added Arnica for pain relief.  Arnica is native to the meadows and mountain areas of Europe and North America. Commonly arnica flowers are used to reduce the swelling and pain from aches, bruises, and sprains on unbroken skin.  Lots of folks have found Arnica Gels to be effective in lessening sports injuries and arthritic symptoms.  I've used it for my creaky knees for many years, but never enjoyed using the gel.  I've been using our Balm both in test batches and now as produced, and I'm astonished and delighted with the results.  Not only is the pain relief very nearly immediate, but the aroma of our essential blend of oils is pleasant and warm.  The solid lotion base, which we have used for years in our Body Butters, of course leaves my knees and elbows soft and moisturized, a happy bonus!  And I do believe that using our base actually enhances the absorbability of the Arnica to the areas where it is needed most.  All in all, a product I am so proud to share with our customers!  We've been sharing it with Muskoka's great massage therapists and chiropractors and are getting terrific feedback from the professionals.  At $20.00 for 75g, it is in our deodorant tubes for ease of use, and is very long lasting.