Meet the Crew: Juliana

Juliana joined our team a year and a half ago and has made herself indispensable since, not only with her leadership skills and uplifting spirit in production, but also her sarcastic wit and dirty jokes which prove essential in stressful times. 

She made the transition to Soapstones from massage therapy at Deerhurst. She has been a massage therapist for eleven years and thought it was time for a switch. Like most of us at Soapstones she had a penchant for crafty endeavours and had made soaps and lotions on her own time. Since joining us she has honed those skills and has quickly worked her way into production management, combining all of her skills from her experience at the spa and her interests in handmade products. 

She is a wonderful asset to our family. She has remarked, “everyday I get to be creative and work with an amazing group of talented women to hand craft wonderful products that I am proud to share with the world”, and we feel the same.


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