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  • Lip Care from Soapstones

    July 31, 2014 2 min read


    The skin on your lips is thinner and does not contain melanin, the protein which protects against sun damage, therefore it is far more likely to burn. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause precancerous conditions such as actinin cheilitis, and of course premature aging of that tender skin.


    Prolonged sun exposure also increases the changes in the skin’s natural production of collagen, the protein which maintains a healthy resilience making the lips plump and young looking.


    Easy bruising in the lips and long deep vertical wrinkles are commonly attributed to aging, but are in fact usually due to damage caused by sun exposure.


    Easy care for lips:


    Using a lip balm containing sunscreen is essential for both the summer and winter months. It is not only summer fun that exposing you to a higher risk of summer damage. Outdoor activities in the snow are also a huge risk because the snow reflects a lot of the sun’s damaging UV rays, concentrating sun exposure to the skin.


    Avoiding licking or picking at your lips is also a great help to their health. Licking them not only strips them of their natural oils but also concentrates UV ray exposure to the lips.             


    Lip balm with sun protection should be generously applied to the lips half and hour before sun exposure or prolonged sun exposure and repeated often.


    Also, a gentle exfoliant such as a sugar scrub occasionally helps alleviate chapped and peeling skin on the lips.



    Soapstones’ Lip Service enhanced with creamy sheanut butter provides natural sun protection and does not strip the skin of moisture. Sheanut butter also encourages collagen production in the skin which can decrease due to long term sun exposure. Apply Lip Service liberally and as often as you wish.


    Also, try using your favourite Soapstones sugar scrub on your lips.  Just take a very small amount and gently apply it to the lips for a gentle exfoliation (making sure not to ingest it because it does not taste so good!) and then rinse it away. Do this occasionally especially if you are likely to be in the sun.  If redness or sensitivity occurs, reduce use.



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