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  • The Bright Side of Autumn

    September 09, 2014 2 min read

    A snap is in the air. Can you feel it? The summer sun has set and the spice and crackle of future fires, a warm homestead, the turning of the leaves, and the season of Thanksgiving has crept up on us. It is a time of reflection, of taking a moment to slow your heart and mind, curl up on the couch and take a moment of gratitude for everything that surrounds you.


    The season of fun in the sun has taken a toll on your skin, and so has the change in temperature. Fortunately, the autumn harvest has provided some solutions to heal and brighten the skin. Pumpkin is not just great for pies! It is prolifically used in the skincare industry because of its many benefits. Pumpkin contains fruit enzymes and AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which increase cell turnover rate and helps brighten the skin. It also contains vitamin A and C which aids in collagen production and decreases the effects of premature aging.


    It is not only moisturizing and brightening but it has benefits for acne sufferers as well.


    Pumpkin is rich in fatty acids and zinc which regulate sebum production and aids in balancing hormone levels. Pumpkin also has a smaller molecular structure which makes it more easily absorbable when applied topically.


    For “at home spa” care, you can make a mask of pumpkin, milk and a little clay to refresh the skin after summer sun exposure and in preparation for the coming winter, or use our  lotion with pumpkin or pumpkin seed as an active ingredient to treat your skin to a radiant glow.


    Enjoy the Soapstones autumn line, now available in the Huntsville store and online. Enhanced with a spicy hit of Cinnamon, our Pumpkin Spice line is evocative, lingering, gender non-specific, and fresh as a pile of Autumn leaves.  We are now offering our Pumpkin butter scrub with Pumpkin seed butter, for even more skin conditioning properties; our Pumpkin Lavender lotion and spray, and an outdoorsy Pumpkin Spice candle. And a wonderful classic, our soap, made with real Pumpkin.


    The seasons fly by so quickly.  Hang onto all the best in autumn skincare with our Pumpkin Spice line.