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And we will do our best to get them to you or to your recipient by Christmas Eve.  Keep sending and we will keep filling!  Our online store will be closed as we take a wee break for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but we will be filling orders again on December 27 onward to the New Year!  

Shop hours are extended for Monday and Tuesday (Dec. 22 & 23) till 8:00 and we are staying open on Christmas Eve until 4:00 p.m.  Back on Saturday, December 27th for the week in between the Holidays.  

We are so grateful for another incredible year, not only in our business, but in our deepening relationships with our staff, our brilliant and always wonderful customers, our vendors and wholesalers, our Spa customers.  And with our craft, learning more, experimenting more to bring you continual reasons to shop with us, and to find great comfort in your own gorgeous skin.  Blessings, Mazeltov, a Brilliant 2015 and Peace to each of you.

Darla and the Gang at Soapstones.



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