Once again, our own products that we have developed and created, have managed to astonish me, the happy and grateful owner of SOAPSTONES.  After SUCH a winter, my normally well-hydrated skin was showing signs of what I call, Brown Paper Bag Syndrome.  I am not at all sure this is a medical condition, but you know it well.  You wake up one morning and realise your skin looks like a well used brown paper bag that held your hummus and pita for lunch; dry, teeny, tiny wrinkles, no life, sad really.  And then I realised I had not used a scrub in awhile.  I picked our REVEAL SUGAR SCRUB and headed to the tub!  Scented with our splendid creation, EXHILARATE ME, (essential oils of lime, patchouli, and black pepper), I luxuriated in the uplifting scent, and took my time doing a proper good spring scrub.  My winter-weary skin gobbled up Coconut Oil, Fair Trade Shea Nut Butter and unrefined sugar in a hurry!  Even after one lovely bath, no more Brown Paper Bag Syndrome, just satiny, smooth, hydrated skin.  
Be ready for those coming sunny days!
Under SOAPSTONES SPA, $38.00 for 500 gms. 

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