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  • April 13, 2021 3 min read

    Your baby is the most precious thing in the world to you. Caring for them is your highest priority, so it’s important to have the right information to ensure they’re healthy, happy, and thriving.

    Your baby’s skin is much softer, sensitive, and delicate than your adult skin, so it’s important to follow a routine that keeps their skin calm, smooth, and healthy. Learn more tips on taking care of your baby’s skin, and purchase all the natural baby products you need from Soapstones Natural Skincare.

    Practice Safe Bathing

    Your baby’s skin is new and delicate, which means that any change in environment can affect it significantly. Your baby’s skin relies mostly on its natural oils to keep it healthy and soft, so it’s important to follow safe bathing to ensure that oil production stays balanced.

    You only need to bathe your baby about three times a week. Use warm water and only keep your baby in the water for three to five minutes. This ensures that their skin is not irritated by water that is too hot, nor will your baby lose too many natural oils by soaking for too long.

    Avoid Scented Products

    When purchasing products for your baby, choose natural products that are fragrance-free or lightly, naturally scented. Heavy perfumes and synthetic fragrances can irritate your baby’s skin and quickly cause a rash. Ideally, any product that includes a scent will come from a natural ingredient that will soothe your baby, such as the lavender scent in Soapstones Bath Time For Baby soap.

    Wash Baby’s Clothes Before Dressing

    This one may not seem like a big deal, but it’s vital to wash any new baby clothes before dressing your baby with them. This is because clothing fibers will harbor dust, bacteria, and other irritants that can disrupt the health of your baby’s skin. By washing all of their clothes before dressing them, you eliminate these irritants.

    Baby’s clothes, bedding, blankets, and soft toys should also be washed using a detergent formulated for babies. The ingredients in other laundry detergents can irritate your baby’s skin, so avoid this by washing all of their things separately.

    Practice Baby Massage

    There are countless benefits to practicing newborn massage on your baby. It calms them, triggers hormone production, boosts their immune system, allows them to sleep better, and causes them to cry less frequently. 

    What does this have to do with the health of their skin? Your touch. When practicing baby massage, use a gentle lotion like Soapstones Chamomile Baby Lotion. Warm a small amount in your hand before applying it to your baby to prevent startling them. Gently massage it onto your baby’s chest, tummy, arms, legs, and back. Be gentle but firm with your touch, make eye contact, and talk to your baby to help soothe and bond with them. Not only will your baby feel happier and calmer from massage, but it’s also a great opportunity to help moisturize their skin between baths.

    Change Diapers Right Away

    Avoid diaper rash by changing your baby’s diaper as soon as it’s damp or soiled. When cleaning the diaper area, be gentle as you wipe. If the area is irritated, rinse them off instead of wiping to prevent more irritation.

    Pat the area dry, and apply some Baby Bum Butter to soothe any rash or irritation. Do not put a diaper back on your baby until you’ve ensured that their skin is completely dry.

    Avoid Direct Sunlight

    The sun can be harsh on a grown adult’s skin, so imagine how much discomfort it can cause a baby. If you’re spending time outside, make sure your baby stays in a shaded area. Keep them clothed in loose, lightweight clothing that covers their arms and legs. Put a hat on them that covers their ears, face, and neck. As an extra precaution, you can apply baby sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15. This will help protect your baby from the pain and discomfort of a sunburn.

    Use Natural Baby Products

    When caring for your baby’s skin, the best thing you can do is invest in natural products formulated specifically for them. Soapstones Natural Skincare offers a full line of natural products designed for baby and mom. Explore our collection of natural baby products today.