Let Us Help You Reach Your Fundraising Goals

Looking for a fundraiser for your school or youth organization? Look no further!

Soapstones Natural Skincare has a hassle free, pre-designed fundraising initiative in place that offers you a unique opportunity to meet or exceed your objectives.

Designed and tested over the past several years, Soapstones Natural Skincare has developed an innovative fundraising initiative with the spirit of helping youth-focused organizations to create opportunities for youth leadership and development.  Whether building a new playground for an elementary school, assisting with youth-driven initiatives aimed at bullying and depression, or helping raise funds for school trips, Soapstones Natural Skincare has demonstrated its commitment to realizing the potential of our youth. Consider teaming up with us for your next fundraiser. 

Want to know more? Reach out to Maryanne at, or call 1-705-224-7627