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  • Introducing Soapstones Spa: Contour Body Glaze

    July 11, 2014 1 min read

    Get your skin ready for summer with our new Soapstones Spa Contour Body Glaze.

    Soapstones Contour cream is rich in botanicals which have been renowned for their healing and firming properties. This, in combination with coffee, non-GMO soy and hemp butters is designed to help firm and illuminate the skin. Feel confident in bikini season with the healthiest natural you. 

    Honeysuckle extract has been known as an anti-bacterial, diuretic and detoxifier. As such it helps reduce the effects of water retention as well as healing problem skin. 

    Ginseng is good for you both inside and outside the body in terms of aiding in reducing inflammation and detoxifying. It also adds vitality to any formula. It is a natural skin brightener to help even out skin tone and leave your skin radiant. 

    Burdock has been used in a great many ways throughout Canada for centuries. It has found its way into our Contour formula because of its powers of detoxification. It has been known to increase circulation and is rich in minerals to add nutrients to your skin.

    We finished off our delicate yet potent blend of botanicals with Astragalus root extract. Astragalus root is one of the most revered herbal remedies in Asia. It increases respiratory, metabolic, and eliminative functions which in turn helps to produce radiant looking skin.

    Help your skin be firm, radiant, and smooth this summer with this therapeutic and deeply moisturizing cream.