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  • Meet the Crew

    July 04, 2014 1 min read


    We are very glad to have this detail-oriented tiger of a woman in our back office. Maryanne has been with us for two years now. She has worked her way up from production management to shipping/receiving/ purchasing which she juggles merrily for us. She is also responsible for shipping out all of our online orders in a timely fashion in our hectic store. Maryanne has been an integral part of our crew and a welcome part to our family. She is fierce when it comes to sourcing our materials so that we can give our products to you at a reasonable price.


    Maryanne has always loved experimenting in the kitchen, working with new recipes, and being creative and crafty. She had previous experience making candles and brought a salad recipe to the table the entire staff looks forward to for get-togethers. She is a mother of three; you will always see her at lacrosse meetings.  No one can contest that family comes first in her life. We are very glad she found a job here with other like-minded individuals. 


    When she discovered Soapstones she was looking for an uplifting job and one that would allow her creative space, but also the capacity to be with her family. She has since been very happy with our community plus she says she “smells good everyday she leaves work”. We are very happy to have the vitality she adds to our family.



    Thank you Maryanne.