Our New Holiday Pomander!

When we decided to add another scent to our Holiday line, I remembered how much I loved making Pomanders when I was a wee girl and giving them to my mom, various aunts, my granny.  And although the idea of the Pomander has been around since the 13th Century, and I have not, none of our brilliant staff knew exactly what it was!  But once I took them back to their own young days of Christmas crafting, they all remembered shoving whole cloves into oranges and how delightfully fragrant the result.  The Pomander was one of the first aromatherapy "must haves" during the Middle Ages and was even thought to undo witchy curses!  Made from amber, herbs and spices, hung around the neck or stuffed into the decolletage, it made life in less than aromatic times bearable.  As oranges became more and more often associated with the holidays, beribboned and cloved citrus hanging from a Christmas Tree came to represent abundance and joy.  

Juicy oranges and spicy cloves are what our newest scent is all about and can be had this Holiday at Soapstones.  Much easier on the thumbs too.  Available in our amazing Scrub, Lotion, Aromatherapy Diffuser, Soap, Olive Oil Hand Soap, and the ever popular Scrub-a-Dub.  

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