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  • January 12, 2022 2 min read

    New Year, Less Waste!

    As we move into another calendar year, we are taking time to reset our habits, including how much waste we are producing. Small changes in our day to day habits can have a big impact on our environment. We have compiled 6 ways to start 2022 with new habits and less waste.

    1. Ditch Single Use Items! Throw extra bags into your car so you are always prepared for shopping, leave the house with a reusable water bottle and invest in reusable masks (better yet made locally). This will save money in the long run and the extra landfill space taken up by all of the disposables.

    2.Join a Buy and Sell Group. This provides opportunity to sell old items to make some extra cash and find quality second hand items for your home, instead of buying new.

    3. Purchase Wisely. Choosing products with less packaging and compostable or refillable items will cut down tremendously on waste. Looking for products and companies that provide options for packaging and with a mission to protect our planet ensures you are supporting our future.

    4.Shop Local. Finding farmer's markets and local businesses that produce products locally, grow food and farm will help to reduce transport and packaging. It also contributes directly to helping your community thrive!

    5. Paperless Billing. It may seem like a simple change but with all the opportunity to obtain bills online, it cuts down on the paper coming into your home.

    6.Compost! Many are already composting food waste as part of their regular routine but did you know you can also compost tea bags, coffee filters, shredded newspaper, and hair and fur? Taking the time to add in all compostable materials will cut down on what is going into the trash.

    Here is to our continued commitment to protecting our earth and growing our community!