Does your skin change with the season?

 As the warm weather fades and we move into fall, many people find their skin also changes. Our skin likes consistency, and is greatly affected by the environment around us. With cooler temperatures, our skin has to work harder to maintain the level of moisture, it can easily become dry and irritated during this transition. For some, it may even mean increased acne or skin rashes. Changes in our habits as the fall sets in, can also have an impact, like indoor heat, hot showers and less water intake.

As we move in in the cooler months assess what your skin needs and adjust products as necessary, adding in richer hydration (like an oil or serum), a night cream, or even a natural acne spot treatment. Ensure you are hydrating from the inside out, with water and eating a diet rich in healthy foods. Keep your winter skin happy with all natural products and lots of hydration!

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