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  • Holiday Gift Guide for Gifts $30 and Under

    November 24, 2017 3 min read

    Whether you are on a tight budget, have a holiday spending cap as per you and your friend's agreement, or just need spare gifts for the "just in case surprise guest", let this Holiday Gift Guide help you out!

    As a company we always make sure to make top of the line products, but while keeping our price point in check. This gift guide will show you that gifting for a friend, family member or even yourself (because you have to treat you) is affordable, but are still able to find some amazing product. ***Please note that most products mentioned have different scent options to choose from and all prices are in Canadian.***


    Body Butter Gift Pack

    First up we have our Pink Sugar Scrub-A-Dub and Pink Sugar Body Butter. Pink Sugar is by far the most popular scent we have and for good reason. It's not a knock you off your feet sweet, but just the right amount of sweet. Our scrub-a-dub is a glycerin soap with a natural loofah inside, this way you can soap up and scrub up at the same time. When you're done with it, hang it up to dry and then keep the skin hydrated and protected with the nourishing and rich formula of the body butter once out of the shower. The winter does a number on the body, so keep the moisture locked in. Available in the deodorant stick style to keep the hands free of product. Cost: $30


    Bubble Bath Gift Pack

    Next we have the Muskoka Cranberry Bubble Bath and Muskoka Cranberry Hand & Body Lotion. Grab your rubber ducky and have the most relaxing soak while smelling amazing! Our bubble bath is free of the irritating and unsafe ingredients that most will have. You can soak at ease and still get all the bubbles you love to have while soaking, did someone say bubble-bath-beard?! When you pop out of the bath, keep the amazing scent alive with the hand and body lotion to keep the skin hydrated and non greasy! Cost: $28


    Men's Skincare Gift Pack

    Shopping for a guy and have no clue what to get him? We have you covered in this Holiday Guide with Beard Soap and Beard Oil! Just like the hair on the head, the beard needs to get cleaned too. This bar will cleanse the beard but will keep it soft and supple. Help tame fly-a-ways and soften the beard with our beard oil. It's formulated with hydrating oils to help nourish the coarse hair, and the scent will keep the beard smelling great too. Cost: $23


    Holiday Gift Guide for Gifts $30 and Under

    Have a facial care aficionado to buy for? The Clarifying Cucumber Facial Scrub will help slough away the dry skin on the face, leaving it feeling silky smooth. Use this after your regular cleanser and follow up with a toner and moisturizer! This facial scrub smells amazing, so your Christmas giftie will want to use it time and time again! Help them with another part of their routine and grab the Rosewater Facial Cream. It's a beautiful moisturizer to keep the skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated! Rosewater naturally reduces redness and inflammation and will help the skin through the winter. Cost: $28


    Foot Products Gift Package

    Last, but certainly not least, this gift package is perfect for someone who is always on their feet! Refresh the tired tootsies throughout the day with the Happy Feet Peppermint & Rose Foot Spray. This will cool down the feet as they are getting worked to the core from running around, if you have smelly toes, it'll help with that too. Spray on the feet and slip the socks on, apply throughout the day if needed. Like the Body Butter, the Happy Feet Peppermint & Rose Foot Butter will help with keeping the dry cracked skin hydrated and protected. Apply and slip on socks to lock in the moisture, you can apply liberally right before bed, that way when you wake up your feet will be in better condition than when you went to sleep! Cost: $26


    Hope this Holiday Gift Guide helped you and that you are able to check out these amazing products for the people on your list, or even for yourself!


    Happy Holidays Soapstones Family! ♥