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Indulge and relax with our natural soap and bath goodies.

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At SoapStones, we believe it’s the little details that make a bath peaceful.

We have a wide range of sweet-smelling and luxurious natural bath products that will enhance every dip you take in the tub.

You can enjoy our robust line of bath bombs or bubble bath, including our soothing Eucalyptus Sage Bath Bomb, the heavenly Northern Lights Bath Bomb, or the candied Pink Sugar Bubble Bath.

If you want to nourish and pamper your skin, try our premium natural bath salts, which come in many scents like Pure Lavender, White Tea and Ginger, or Cedar and Saffron.

We also make bamboo bath caddies so you can keep everything neatly in front of you, whether it’s your cell phone, book, or just a calming candle. 

Shop Natural Bath Products Online In Canada

Looking for natural bath products in Canada? We have a wide collection of bath products that are kind to your skin as well as the environment.

We want to make every bath you take a serene and centering experience, whether you’re having a stressful week or just want to treat yourself to some me-time.

Our bath bombs fizz and disintegrate delightfully, turning your bath into a whimsical lagoon. Our natural bath salts leave your skin silky smooth and supple for hours. And for a fun, playful bath, try our natural bubble bath products.

We have several captivating aromas that will fill your bathroom with a pleasant and relaxing scent. Or buy our fragrance-free bubble bath for a clean, refreshing bath!